Who Are We?

Achievements of Blacksheep

Vikatan award

Vikatan awards are prestigious and something that lauds excellence in the entertainment sector. As team Blacksheep, it was an honor to receive the Nambikkai award for
being a motivation to the future entertainment industry! You know us…
we started with one and now have transformed to one in a million with million subscribers..

Vadivelu – Brand Ambassador

Blacksheep + Vaigai Puyal = Entertainment guaranteed!
The legendary comedian who entered each and every household through his humor has been roped in as the Brand Ambassador for our Blacksheep TV channel which is for the first time ever which he hasn’t done for ages. Blacksheep is the complete form of entertainment and our face validates the same.

Satellite Launch

“Ettuthikum ettum engal satham! Idhu palasu! Blacksheep is Adhukum Mela!! Vaanama ellai ngra madiri Vinvelli varikum poitu angaye OTT launch panna Perumai belongs to us as and we are the first ever OTT to be launched in space Makkale”

ACEF Awards

Actions Speak louder than words! And our actions did! Bagging not just one but six prestigious awards for being the best content providers and entertaining people! Getting recognition in a massive way for the work we do actually satisfies the soul! We did! Here is the beginning and many more to come.

Chithiram TV

Blacksheep boasts to be the first ever Youtube channel to enter the television arena. Chithiram TV is the first ever satellite channel
across India to be launched by a talented bunch of creators having roots from a Youtube channel touching the hearts of million people

Nenjamundu Nermayundu

A Director from a Youtube Channel! A Director from a Youtube Channel! Not a usual one! And that’s the specialty of Blacksheep.For the First time ever in the history of Digital media, an Inhouse director from our family has directed a full-fledged Feature film that topped the blockbuster charts that year.

Baba Blacksheep

For the first time ever , its a moment of pride and Gethu for Blacksheep for Directing a Feature film, with your favorite BS Faces who are a part of your household.Coming soon on big screens near you! Let’s smash the past records and set new limits and boundaries. In simple, it’s a Blockbuster loading. Wait for it.

Chuma Kizhi

Chumma Kizhi – The first ever show by a Youtube Channel that was broadcasted in Asia’s No.1 Television network ‘Sun TV’ in a weekend prime time slot! We are the firstYoutube channel to enter the television arena with a new show that entertained people.

Digital Awards 2020

Why should only Bigscreen actors have all the credits and honors, when even the Digital media entertains crores of people globally! This is the idea behind the creation of Digital Awards – India’s first ever award show to honor the digital entertainers! Blacksheep always never misses to crown any talent that entertains people in any form.

Aha Kalyanam 100 million views

The most streamed Youtube webseries! We have our very own ‘Aha Kalyanam’ that has set a record of 100 million organic views which is an achievement for any Youtube Channel.A series that touched the hearts of youngsters and millions of people. We are specialists in that. Here is the proof!


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