Privacy Policy

1. Usage of user data – Users enter personal details while purchasing videos/subscription, Location of the user, Social media details (if user logins with social media account)

2. What do Black sheep use the data for? – For suggesting similar videos based on the usage? Promotional emails, newsletters, videos? Collecting information and posting their ratings & reviews about the videos?

3. Information given or redirected to third party – Such as billing information and details.

4. Terms covering ‘Live chat’ that pops up – “We will collect that information provide by you to us. We retain this information as necessary to resolve disputes, provide customer support and troubleshoot problems as permitted by law

Terms and Conditions

1. Access to content, Buying/Renting the content, Cancelling, Viewing the content (how many times and how many devices, if any)

2. The users should not commercialize the content they access. Not indulging in Piracy.

3. Ownership of the contents.

4. Principal to Principal relationship. Termination of license at Black sheep’s sole discretion.

5. Refund.

6. Age restriction to access content